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tv   Chasing News  FOX  January 23, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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bill: now on "chasing news". >> i think the sun is lying to us. >> don't kid yourself. let's go. hurry up. come on. come on. >> they said snow. they said snow. bill: guys, the national weather service saying this could be one of the top ten were storms in our history. team chaser coverage. we will get to the craziness.
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flooding is a real issue. we want to start with the nuts and bolts. from the weather side back with us from accuweather. >> it has been a long week. the storm is on the way. a lot more make up today than yesterday to try to cover the dark circles. bill: you look like you may have slept a little. bill: top ten storm. >> it depends where you are. for new york city? i don't think so. baltimore, washington, philadelphia, and there the storm is philadelphia, baltimore, washington dc. i have not change the
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and long island. no one believed. nownow he will be hearing abouout how there is more than a foot. bill: a lot of power outages? >> that is hard to try to predict because many things are beyond my control on whether there are powder -- power outages. but the fact that the snow will be heavy comeau we are going to get wind gusts. bill: what is your version of bread and milk? everyone rushes out. mine involves bacon. >> i like the bread and milk. in new york city, one milk one bread. dc, philadelphia, three of each. bill: you are on the something.
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bill: you are calling this a three. >> i am. bill: be safe and get some sleep. you are chasing snowmaking is crazy. >> people are updating their grocery list. on the top of the list to key items. >> bread and milk. >> world-famous. the standup comedian take notice leading up to a storm like the one on our horizon and made a little youtube video about it. >> snow. >> 14 million views later. i headed to get advice. >> hurry up.
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brick oven. they even have breadsticks. what do i do? >> it's not here. >> this is a soda. i don't want soda. >> the other day i choked on an almond. half-and-half. when i was a kid the milkman was bringing milk. so just leave it there. mother was like, shut up and drink your milk. >> friday. >> again. >> that is when i had an epiphany. we are in jersey. we want people to indulge
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mozzarella and wine. >> not mozzarella. >> a nice bottle of wine. >> mozzarella and wine. >> you got it better than i. >> everyone else. >> or in jersey. >> whether or not there is no there is no calm before the storm. people be crazy. we spoke to an expert on all things crazy. bill: i have heard you introduced a lot of ways, not yet that one. >> we have become board as a society. we look for stimulations for technology. what an opportunity comes around where we can feel a sense of committee with each
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interrupt our lives as opposed to just turning the text messaging and twitter, >> why the obsession with bread and milk? >> with a huge snowstorm there is always a power outage. why don't people focus on other items? >> i think it is a biblical thing. people look for bread and cheese as if we are back in the day in the bible times. milk kind of represents home likable and lactating. bread is like country food, everyone eats bread together and we break bread for dinner. bill: do your best to enjoy. we will continue team chaser coverage. hank, you are chasing an
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lot of people concerned. >> after sandy i don't think we need more anything. >> drove a bulldozer on the beach. he and his partner were shoring up a berm. >> you can see they have been out for a few months already, doubling up because they are expecting flooding at the shore for this snowstorm. >> storm flooding and stuff like that. >> it is a weekend or anything seems possible. the flooding on the jersey shore, a three to 5-foot surge and 15 to 20-foot waves. bill: 20-foot waves.
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>> top ten storm for portions of southern new jersey. people need to go and take this seriously. >> heavy want on my mind. >> well, they were taking no what the coastal flood warning. >> greater coastal flooding is possible within 48 hours. >> all right. >> went over by the inlet, hey, nobody wants flooding. that is life. >> this is what we grew up
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sixty-two, 92, 2012, this is what you deal with. >> if you are going to take the apple you have to take the tree with it. >> absolutely. >> take note. we like it all right. >> made worse by high wind and high tide. >> follow their advice. >> you might ask, he has not listening to instructions could put emergency responders and to potentially life-threatening situations in order to perform rescues. especially if you live in ocean city, wildwood, take this with the utmost seriousness.
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sunday. >> that was terrible. what a nightmare. bill: "high speed chase", start us off. >> check out this subway melee. issues led to insults. and then i good old-fashioned brawl. then there is part number two. a two-part video. all over facebook. just another day. >> on wednesday she asked for help to pay for the
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cost $800 for the 420 tattoo to be removed. her page was shared 56,000 times. >> only in florida could you wake up one morning and find an 8-foot crocodile chilling in your swimming pool. yes. >> another day in the life of being a chaser. >> we report the news. but we do it differently.
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is not just about the story. enrollment ends january 31st. behave for uncle pete. bye, see you guys later.
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>> all the confidence in the world. look at him celebrate with a little moonwalk. our hats are off. >> only in florida could you wake up one morning and find an 8-foot crocodile chilling in your swimming pool. posted on facebook. the florida keys. responded to a call early
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help of fish and wildlife, able to get them out of the pool and back into the ocean. only in florida. >> i hope you are ready to rumble. could be coming to a road near you. not everyone is happy. i met a family, rumble strips right in front of their home right and top of the double yellow line. >> it's like that jackhammer sound. >> it is very destructive. >> you cannot drown it out. >> very scenic, peaceful area in february of last year and they were installed in june. >> they are creating a safety hazard whether was
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they go to a narrow shoulder with a lot of pedestrian traffic. >> i was able to witness this myself. the safety issues and noise issues they took there fight i obtained an exclusive letter. and it is hammer time. christie and october of 2015 installed the transportation commissioner. you get a response and they admit this is no crash history. the plot thickens when you realize the federal highway administration, federal cash is given to states that install centerline rumble
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so there is an incentive. upset that they are focusing on federal money and not listening about the safety issues. >> yes, about as dangerous as a grocery store parking lot. >> i read a quotation from the family saying they cannot sleep at night because of the noise. >> how can so many people not be able to drive that it is keeping them up at night? when i chase i can say between the lines. >> someone is driving on the centerline. you should not even be there bill: focus on the fact that everyone thinks when it is money. it's your money. all over the state high crash areas, bad curves, the new jersey turnpike, and yet we will put a rumble strip
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that makes no sense to me. >> the entire states world ought to shift on its axis because there are four people complaining. bill: sometimes it takes the courage of one person. sometimes you have got to call the government out. i am glad they did. >> who are you wearing? >> we need more stories like this. playing basketball out front of the fairly wooded area and pull the noise complaints from neighbors. the cop responded and did what any good middle-age should do, lowered the basketball goal. drove off, finished kemal done.
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>> wearing very important. have to get that ready. tomorrow, saturday, noon. is going to be there. special guest. sources say. i don't know. we will be there. going to go. it's going to be huge. it's going to be enormous. >> up until july she had a relationship with her husband. and that her husband left her.
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>> it was not so much that -- him leaving me hurt my pride but it was the situation he left me in. he does not even care enough to say, i mean, what i'm going through. >> lives in atlantic county her husband. they live together, living what you might from the outside appear to be an idyllic life and then her husband left her. that is why she is homeless. depressing. it really is. >> do you blame your husband? >> in essence i do. >> donna is disabled with multiple medical conditions that require use of an
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and multiple heart or lung problems. she is not been able to work. the bulk of the rest of her income was her husband. when he took off the 1st source of income was gone and she was kicked out of the apartment three weeks later. >> all i want to do is find a home, that's it. >> i came to see her at her mother's apartment. alternating between sweeping on the floor and recliner in her sister's home. going back and forth with no idea what to do because she can't get alimony until the divorce goes through. they tried to reach out to her husband, cannot get in touch with them. also trying to get her legal advice, but it seems like she will be stuck because you can't get divorce settlements until the divorce goes through.
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aid? >> she does not qualify for social security because she doesn't know -- doesn't have enough quarters of work to be in the system. they were married for 20 years. he just bailed. we have been trying to reach out to him. >> , some work? >> he does not have a job right now. it is not a luxury. if you can't pay the bills you have to go out and look like the rest of us. just keep trying to find work. >> but for right now he is not. >> there is plenty of government assistance programs. bill: we don't know the other side of the story.
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